Celebrating the Legacy of Virgil Abloh: A Recap

New conceptsSpanning fashion, art, music, and culture, the far-reaching practice of late visionary Virgil Abloh (Rockford, Illinois, 1980-2021) fundamentally reshaped how we see creativity and the world around us. We hosted an exclusive Lunch & Learn event on August 17 to provide our employees an opportunity to learn more about the debut of our latest New Concepts@Nordstrom shop, New Concept 018: Virgil Abloh Securities, and our sponsorship of the Virgil Abloh: "Figures of Speech" exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum.

Our esteemed guests all played a large role in bringing these events to life, including Nordstrom Executive Vice President and General Merchandising Manager of Apparel and Designer Sam Lobban (he/him), Alaska Alaska Creative Director Tawanda Chiweshe (he/him), Alaska Alaska Artistic Director Francisco Gaspar (he/him), Shelby White and Leon Levy Director of the Brooklyn Museum Anne Pasternak (she/her) and Executive Director of the Fashion Scholarship Fund Peter Arnold (he/him), with moderation from Nordstrom Men's Fashion & Editorial Director Jian DeLeon (he/him).  

The conversation covered a creative overview of our New Concepts 018 shop, the Virgil Abloh: "Figures of Speech" Brooklyn Museum exhibit and Virgil Abloh™ "Post-Modern" Scholarship Fund, along with a deeper look into how Virgil Abloh's creative legacy has left a lasting impact on the world.   

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