How Nordstrom Beauty Blends Digital and Physical Experiences

Executive vice president and general merchandise manager of accessories and beauty, Debbi Hartley-Triesch, joined Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) for their State of the Industry event. Debbi sat down with Elle Magazine's beauty director, Kathleen Hou, highlighting the importance of evolving our product assortment and the role we play to help guide customers to the brands and products they love. 

What Are Customers Buying?
We put our customers at the center of every decision, especially when it comes to offering the right products and anticipating their needs. Many of our customers come to Nordstrom to find their favorite products and brands, but we also want to be a destination for discovery. That is why we look at categories that are trending, more relevant and emerging to bring assorted products that resonate with our customers. 

Self-care has become important to our customers. Products like ingestible supplements, body care and day to night products bring balance to their routines. What is most exciting right now is customers going back to make-up routines as we all find a new normal, attending more occasions and events. It's exciting to see the customer on this journey and we are committed to offering the right product assortment and expertise to meet their needs. 

How Does Nordstrom Guide the Online Shopping Journey?
Our product pages include details like ingredients and specifications which help guide our customers through that online shopping journey. With fragrance, for example, customers can find specific notes of the fragrance and style to help guide product discovery online. Having that omnichannel experience for our customers, where they could research and discover online, but also come into stores and smell is a way we can serve customers on their terms. 

We know that customers have been comfortable with shopping digitally and often that is where their journey at Nordstrom starts. They could be browsing our site to gather information research or discover new brands to shop online, but when our omnichannel experiences come together is when the customer's experience comes to life. We've taken a hybrid approach when it comes to offering customers in-store and virtual experiences. 

How Has Nordstrom Evolved How We Serve Beauty Customers?
As customers evolve the way they shop, we try to continue to evolve our services and our experiences for them. Adding virtual components, we're able to bring some of the best beauty experts to connect with our customers, especially with our livestream events. In March 2021, we launched a new platform with live streaming events where customers can tune in, purchase products, ask questions and learn from experts in the beauty industry. We've had brands like Charlotte Tilbury talk to our customers about creating radiant skin and memorizing eyes along with other beauty brands. 

We know that our customers love to learn beauty tips and tricks and stories behind the brands. This is why hosting livestream events enhance product and brand discovery. It's a fun and convenient way to shop. We've even taken these digital formats and translated them to stores. We've added live viewing parties in-stores, meaning the event can be hosted in Seattle and viewed digitally from anywhere. The shopping journey has become a hybrid world between the digital and physical experience, which has evolved to better serve customers.