An Investment in Their Future: Big Brothers Big Sisters Career Fair with Nordstrom Rack

Giving back to the communities we serve is core to who we are as a company. We use corporate philanthropy to support families in the communities we serve and organizations that make our communities stronger. 

In 2019, Nordstrom Rack announced our long-term partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and Canada. Twice annually, we invite our customers to give back to the organization by purchasing Sponsor-a-Moment tags. 100% of these proceeds support the recruitment and training of adult mentors and mentorship moments between Bigs and Littles, including preparing for an interview, learning to tie a tie and helping with homework. Since 2019, Nordstrom Rack and our customers have donated over $1 million for Big Brothers Big Sisters.  

"For years, Nordstrom has supported nonprofit organizations doing tremendous work in our communities that support kids and families. One great example of such an organization is Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. They provide valuable services and resources in each of the communities where we do business, and we've heard countless stories of the lasting impact this organization has had on the lives of kids across the country," said Geevy Thomas, president of Nordstrom Rack. 

This spring's campaign, which runs through May 30, will encourage customers visiting any Nordstrom Rack location or to purchase a Sponsor-a-Moment donation card at check-out that will benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters in communities through the United States.  


In addition to our customer campaign, this year we piloted a career fair for young adult Littles ages 15-20 in the Chicago market. During the event hosted at Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack in downtown Chicago, Littles learned resume and LinkedIn fundamentals, how to dress for the workplace and interview tips and tricks.   

CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters, Jeremy Foster, spoke about the career fair stating, "This is what we ask of our corporate partners, to give exposure to our young people to what the world of work looks like," When asked about the impact the career fair would have on the Littles, he shared, "It's all about exposure and opportunities as these shared experiences stick with our young people. It wouldn't be surprising if we followed up 5-10 years from now to learn one of our Littles works for Nordstrom. You never know where these types of opportunities can lead, and we are appreciative of Nordstrom offering this to our young people."  


This partnership is just one of many ways we give back throughout the year. In 2019, we collectively donated nearly $11 million to nearly 400 organizations in every community where Nordstrom does business. By 2025, we are committed to raising $5 million from cause-marketing campaigns for core partners who support families and invest more than $50 million in communities where we operate. Additionally, we want to empower and encourage our employees to give back and are dedicated to increasing employee participation in our charitable match program to 20% annually and increasing employee volunteer hours to 250,000 annually.  

To donate, volunteer, or find more information about this partnership, visit: