Learning from Customers in NYC

Nordstrom Local
Image courtesy of Leong Leong

In NYC, we're not just opening stores, we're expanding a market. The latest addition to our expansion is the announcement of two Nordstrom Local neighborhood service hubs in Manhattan expected to open this fall, which will share merchandise and services with our Men's store and planned 320,000 square-foot flagship store opening in October.

The Nordstrom Local locations in NYC will offer services like online order pick-up, styling, alterations and tailoring, in addition to other services that meet the unique needs of customers who live and work in those neighborhoods. How do we know what the local customers want? Because we're asking them ahead of the opening to help determine some of the services that will be offered in each location. We want to know what they want to see from us and how we can make Nordstrom Local a valuable part of their busy lives. What services do they use the most? What do they feel is currently missing from the NYC retail market? How can we make their shopping experience easier? NYC may already be our largest online market, but we know we can learn more about how to best serve customers on their terms in one of the top retail locations.

We never stop learning from our customers, and our work in Los Angeles is a good example of that. We wanted to give customers control to create their own experiences, so we launched Project 18, a community of 800+ hyper-engaged customers in LA to do exactly that. This group exceeded our expectations, contributing more than 400,000 opinions and ideas on what our customers love about their Nordstrom experience today and what they want from us in the future. We're now applying many of the lessons learned through this project to our expansion in NYC.

Customer service means so much more than how to interact with current customers. We believe that service is defined by the customer and puts them in control. We are obsessed with listening to, learning from and building trust with the customer, and we're excited for the opportunity to continue to do this in NYC.