Meet the Stylist: Annie Cohoat-Abel from Nordstrom NYC

Whether you’re looking for inspiration or want one-on-one styling help, our expert stylists have you covered. We talked to Annie Cohoat-Abel, a stylist based in our NYC Flagship store about her experience and what makes a great wardrobe.

A person in a black suit  Description automatically generated with low confidenceQ. Tell us a little bit about your journey at Nordstrom and how you became a stylist.
I always wanted to work in fashion, and Nordstrom had a styling program that was a perfect fit. I started in Indiana and moved to New York to work as a full-time stylist at the flagship store.

Q. What has the transition into digital styling been like and how has your career evolved?
Nordstrom provides the right tools that help us serve our customers in-store and virtually. I love using Style Boards because it allows me to create outfits and recommendations for customers digitally. The real benefit of Style Boards is having the company’s inventory available on your phone to show customers. This opens a whole new world of product recommendations for my customers. Style Boards is also a great follow-up tool. After an appointment, I’ll send my customers a Style Board link with pieces to add to their appointment, or even basics we didn’t have time to try.

Q. What do you love about being a stylist?
I love fashion and always have, so when began working as a stylist I initially loved it for fashion. Although my admiration for fashion is the reason I got into styling, making customers feel good is the best part of being a stylist. Throughout my career at Nordstrom, I’ve had the opportunity to make a difference by helping customers and bringing value to their lives—it’s a rewarding job. If I’m able to take the stress away from shopping and make it a great experience, I feel like I’ve done my job.

Q. What's one style tip that you think everybody should know?
Create a capsule wardrobe! Often, customers look for things that are trendy or currently fashionable, but I think it’s important to define your personal style first. The clothes you purchase should serve as investments in your personal style. They should be purposeful and go a long way. When you build a cohesive wardrobe with outfitting in mind, you have the freedom to later add statement pieces or pops of color while still staying true to your personal style and getting the most from your closet. 


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Q. What has been your favorite customer experience as a stylist?
I had a customer call about scheduling an appointment for her daughter who was exploring her identity. She shared that shopping was difficult at times. She was still navigating how to define her personal style. I thoughtfully pulled gender-inclusive pieces that would speak to the customer and create the best experience for them. As with all my customers, I wanted to create a completely individualized fitting room with outfits that reflected her personality. It was a rewarding experience to be able to create a seamless and fun appointment for this mother and daughter.

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