Nordstrom Achieves 100 Percent Pay Equity

Today, we are pleased to announce we have achieved 100% pay equity for employees of all genders and races. Pay equity means that we provide equal pay for comparable work — which we believe is essential to creating an environment where every employee feels valued and respected. We evaluated pay equity by analyzing base pay to assess whether employees with similar roles, experience and performance earn equal pay for comparable work. 

"At Nordstrom, we are constantly working to create an environment where employees can build long-term and rewarding careers. As a part of this, we believe in paying employees fairly for the work they do, and we are committed to delivering on equal pay for comparable work," said Christine Deputy, chief human resources officer at Nordstrom.

Nordstrom is also committed to pay parity. Pay parity is a way to measure and report on gender representation at all levels of the company. We're at nearly 100% pay parity for men and women, which reflects our strong female representation across the company. We will continue our efforts in this space to build our representation of women at all levels across the organization.

Nordstrom has always been focused on having strong gender representation, paying employees fairly for the work they do and making pay decisions that are free from bias. In the last few years, we have increased our focus in this space and we have made significant investments to understand how we're doing at a more granular level.

"Paying our people fairly, regardless of gender or race, enables us to deliver on our commitment to an inclusive environment where we can all be ourselves, contribute ideas and do our best work. This is an area that we will continue to invest in and be vigilant on because equality and diversity makes us all stronger," said Deputy.