Nordstrom Virtual Styling with Celebrity Stylists

Since 2017, Nordstrom has offered stylist-created, outfit inspiration on These looks allow customers low-touch styling and outfit recommendations and are just one of Nordstrom's complimentary virtual styling services.   

Historically, Nordstrom stylists have created these style ideas, but we're taking them to a new level by partnering with celebrity stylists Erin Walsh, Ian Bradley and Jason Bolden to create Nordstrom exclusive looks. These outfits include what to wear for video calls, how to treat the grocery store like a gala and how to master this season's top trends. Throughout the year, we will feature new celebrity stylists with new style ideas. In addition to these digital Looks, the stylists will also host a virtual appointment with a lucky customer. 

To kick off our collaboration, we spoke to Erin, Ian, and Jason to learn about the inspiration behind their looks, the partnership and what's next for styling.

About Erin
Erin is a Los Angeles-based stylist and creative director, whose work over the years has ranged from red carpet dream weaver, working with everyone from Sarah Jessica Parker to Kerry Washington and Anne Hathaway, to editorial and brand strategist and stylist with top fashion publications and notable brands.


Erin Walsh Looks
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About Ian
Ian Bradley is a NYC-based fashion editor and stylist with a focus on making "cute outfits." His work is influenced by the culture of downtown NYC, classic American sportswear, and by icons like Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, Aaliyah, and the Lords of Dogtown. His book of work includes various top tier fashion publications and actress Indya Moore.  


About Jason
After years of working with the luxury fashion space, Jason started celebrity styling in 2011, with close friend Gabrielle Union as his first client. He has since gone on to style some of the most celebrated people of our time including Taraji P. Henson, Yara Shahidi, Cynthia Erivo, Alicia Keys, Ava DuVernay, Trevor Noah, Vanessa Hudgens and many more.



Why partner with Nordstrom and what's your favorite look from the partnership?

Erin Walsh: Nordstrom's capacity for options and expanding the possibilities at our disposal is truly endless. I love the range of brands offered, including brands who are pushing boundaries on sustainability and ethical practices. What we wear becomes a part of how we are viewed and remembered, simply by our choices in companies and brands to shop from. Everything you wear makes a statement in the same way that your actions do. Nordstrom makes it possible for us to step into our best selves with what we choose to wear. I am partial to the Winter White look because it checks all the boxes we need to check right now. That is, in these strange and uncertain times, we are looking for ease and effortless options that make us feel safe yet elevated in an aspirational way. By finding these combinations in our wardrobe, you can change your mood and ultimately transform how you live your life. 

Ian Bradley: My favorite look I styled for Nordstrom is the 'Easy Rider' look — the Mikaye pleated pants feel unique, and I love the overall mix of colors and textures. What's great about partnering with Nordstrom is they have such a great selection of unique and trendy fashion pieces as well as the array of classic yet distinct wardrobe stables that you're bound to find something that's a perfect fit. What's great about partnering with Nordstrom is they have such a great selection of unique and trendy fashion pieces as well as the array of classic yet distinct wardrobe stables that you're bound to find something that's a perfect fit.

Jason Bolden: I was excited to partner with Nordstrom since it was one of the places I started my style journey! I always loved that Nordstrom created a space for everyone to be creative, especially with its range of style offerings. I believe Nordstrom is on to something when it comes to styling — offering a personalized styling experience through a digital environment is a must nowadays. My favorite look is the Zoom outfit! I've gotten really into how creative you can be with just jewelry and color.

How has personal style evolved recently? What new opportunities exist? 

Erin Walsh: I think fashion will become much less about seasons and what is trendy versus what options resonate with how women want to feel. We are looking to streamline and align all the elements of our lives  why complicate that with worrying if what you are wearing is "out of style"? Shopping and rejuvenating your wardrobe are about choosing options that align with how you want to feel, how you want to walk in this world and how you want people to see you. These kinds of options won't feel out of date in a year or two.

Ian Bradley: I think personal style has become more about comfort, which is something we've seen happening over the years with the wave of streetwear influence. People are also getting more dressed up for the limited options of social activities currently  I hope this mood of dressing up continues once we all have more time together. The shift to digital has introduced new opportunities when it comes to styling. It has been a learning experience to style campaigns from a computer desktop! This year has been indicative to the necessity of travel and moments that can be handled over a digital screen. I believe this could evolve into working with clients through more digital services.  

Jason Bolden: COVID has forced a shift to the shopping and styling experiences. Since the start of the pandemic, I have done many virtual styling sessions and fittings. While this has posed its own set of challenges, great things have also come from this — like creating spaces for smaller brands to be heard! There was also a shift in trends this year, including style with a sense of comfort and ease. Leisurewear was already at the forefront of fashion and now you see more brands focusing on it. Adapting to changes of lifestyles and trends has especially been important this year, which was my inspiration when creating the Zoom Look for Nordstrom — I've gotten really interested in mixing jewelry in color with comfort and leisure! 

How can styling help and what tricks do you have?

Erin Walsh: Stylists can push us to think outside of our comfort zone. We can only grow when we have the courage to embrace change. Style defines how you feel and how you move in this world, so it's important to keep trying to find new ways to dream and evolve from our comfort zone. Stylists have the capability to expand your horizons and become even better versions of yourselves. The most important thing in style is knowing yourself and who you aspire to be  this is the first step in choosing what clothes you will need at your disposal. Knowing your shape to find silhouettes that work for you makes the game of putting together your looks that much easier — you have a road map to personal style. 

Ian Bradley: One of the most important things I consider when styling is the fit, specifically the fit in the shoulders — it's where the garment hangs from. When shopping online, I try on my favorite fitting piece of the moment and measure the shoulders of that garment, then try to get the closet measurements listed on the site. Social media is a great resource for styling by following your favorite stylist or people whose style you admire. You can keep tabs on items you may like and with the shop-able features of social apps, it makes it accessible for anyone. Whether you're looking for a digital or in-person styling session, you can't go wrong with working with someone to expand your personal style. A styling session can broaden your perspective of what works for you, by introducing items you might not have naturally gravitated to. 

Jason Bolden: Some of my best styling tricks for my celebrity clients are making sure they have a good tailor! Fit is more important, above any brand or trend, having a great tailor is something everyone should have — they transform any piece and make it feel custom made just for you. When the fit is right, you can properly show off your waistline, shoes, and jewelry. The fit of your clothes is the first stepping stone to creating your personal style. 

What has been the most exciting moment of your styling career?

Erin Walsh: I was pretty jazzed up when I was asked to work with Sarah Jessica Parker. To work with your favorite fashion muse was just earth-shaking — that was special.

Ian Bradley: Dressing actor Indya Moore for the Golden Globes. That was a big moment for introducing them to the international press. I was grateful to be a part of their team.

Ian Bradley Looks
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