Sharing Our Progress: 2020 CSR Report

Last year, we updated our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy to help us leave the world better than we found it with a new set of five-year goals focused on environmental sustainability, human rights and corporate philanthropy. These 2025 goals guide us as we work to address areas where our company and industry have the most impact and create the most positive change.

While there's no question last year presented many obstacles, we're so proud of how our company, employees and customers came together. Most notably, we:

  • Expanded our Sustainable Style category, launched a new beauty packaging take-back program BEAUTYCYCLE and donated more than $425,000 to promote textile recycling and fight climate change.
  • Refocused our philanthropic giving on our community's most vulnerable saw an outpouring of support from our customers and employees. Together we donated more than $11 million to our communities.
  • Enhanced support of women's empowerment programs in our supply chain and increased transparency around where and how our products were made in our effort to ensure ethical working conditions for the mills and factories we partner with.
  • Reaffirmed our commitment to diversity, inclusion and belonging and established goals to help make us a better, more anti-racist company.

We're just a year into these 2025 goals, but we're already making strong progress. 

  • Already gave $200,000 toward our goal to donate $250,000 to help slow and prevent climate change.
  • Only 30% shy of our goal to disclose traceability to 90% of Nordstrom Made product factories.
  • Nearly 1/3rd of the way to our goal of contributing $250,000 to organizations that support women's empowerment to create trainings and resources within our global supply chain.

Behind each of these goals are specific moments and initiatives that we're so proud of. This includes donating nearly 43,000 pairs of shoes for kids in our local communities totaling 230,000 pairs of shoes since 2010. We also partnered with new organizations to provide housing, mental health services and job training for young people experiencing homelessness. Our employees stepped up to volunteer more than 21,600 hours and gave $1.9 million to more than 3,500 organizations we matched $1.5 million of their contributions. We also took steps to be a more inclusive, anti-racist company by launching our Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Action Council; expanding the number and scope of our employee resource groups and establishing clear goals to help bring about meaningful change.


You can read more on all our goals and progress made throughout 2020 in our latest Sharing Our Progress report here.