Celebrating Earth Month 2022

As we celebrate Earth Month, we want to share how we're taking responsibility for the impact of our business and embracing innovations that raise the bar for sustainability in the fashion and retail industry. We're working hard to lessen the social and environmental impacts of the products we sell, and we're also expanding our offerings of sustainably sourced and responsibly manufactured goods. We're setting science-based targets to address climate change, minimize waste and improve product circularity.  

"We aim to do our part to create a more sustainable and circular economy by reducing the impact of our waste, supporting our partners in sustainability innovation and creating more opportunities for customers to shop sustainably," said Gigi Ganatra Duff, Vice President of Communications and CSR at Nordstrom. "We are proud to celebrate our progress on our 2025 sustainability goals including the expansion of BEAUTYCYCLE to Nordstrom Rack and our transition from plastic to paper bags at Nordstrom Rack, which will lead to an 853 ton reduction in plastic use."

Reducing the Impact of Our Waste  

Nordstrom Rack Transitions from Plastic to Paper  
This spring we will replace our plastic Nordstrom Rack shopping bags with paper bags in support of our goal to reduce single-use plastic in our value chain by 50%. As stores transition to paper bags, we will make enormous progress on our goal: an 853-ton reduction in plastic use. In addition, we'll source half of the new bags from a domestic supplier, reducing associated carbon emissions. We expect to fully transition to paper bags by summer. 

BEAUTYCYCLE Expands to Nordstrom Rack  
In March, we announced the expansion of Nordstrom BEAUTYCYCLE to Nordstrom Rack, more than doubling the drop-off locations and making this service available in new markets. BEAUTYCYCLE is our beauty take-back and recycling program through which we accept all brands of beauty packaging waste to be recycled. Each year, more than 120 billion units of plastic packaging are produced by the beauty industry, but less than nine percent gets recycled. BEAUTYCYCLE launched in 2020 at Nordstrom and Nordstrom Local in the US. In 2021, we expanded the program to include Nordstrom stores in Canada. With this newest expansion, we will more than double BEAUTYCYCLE drop-off locations. Customers can now find BEAUTYCYCLE boxes at all 354 Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack and Nordstrom Local stores across North America. 


Nordstrom Restaurants Move to All Compostable Packaging and Utensils  
We consider waste across our entire value chain, which includes our restaurants. Starting earlier this year, we began to transition from plastic to-go packaging and utensils at all Nordstrom Restaurants and Ebars to World Centric Packaging. All World Centric Packaging products are compostable in commercial composting facilities. With natural plant fiber containers and compostable utensils made from plant fiber and plant-based plastic, we will further reduce the usage of single-use plastic at Nordstrom. Plus, World Centric Packaging donates 25 percent of their profits to grassroots social and environmental organizations and have achieved a zero-carbon footprint thanks to their offsets.  

Supporting Our Partners in Sustainability Innovation  

As we work toward our 2025 goals, we're focused on reducing our contribution to the climate crisis and supporting systemic changes in the fashion industry. Driving meaningful impact in sustainability requires teamwork and partnership, which is why we're proud to partner with several nonprofit organizations and coalitions to drive progress.  

We will donate $250,000 to help slow and prevent climate change and $1 million to support industry innovation for textile recycling by 2025.  

This Earth Month, we are proud to spotlight a few of these partners and the work they're driving:

  • Clean Air Task Force:  Clean Air Task Force (CATF) is a non-profit that advocates for clean air measures and innovation in neglected low-carbon technologies. In service of our climate goals, we'll continue our partnership with a $100,000 donation to help fund their Zero Carbon Maritime Shipping Initiative that aims to slow and eliminate climate change.
  • FABSCRAP: FABSCRAP is a New York City-based one-stop textile reuse and recycling resource. We've donated $100,000 to FABSCRAP for the second year in a row to support their textile recycling and upcycling efforts. 
  • Fibershed: To develop thriving regional economies around fashion and textiles, we've donated $100,000 to Fibershed, a nonprofit organization that develops equity-focused regional and land-regenerating natural fiber and dye systems, while minimizing the carbon footprint. In addition to the donation, we'll invite customers to add $1 or $5 to their purchase from April 1 through April 30 with 100% of proceeds going to support Fibershed.  

Beyond these donations, Nordstrom signed the G7 Fashion Pact and is a member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition. In 2021, Nordstrom joined the Clean Energy Buyers Association, a community of nearly 300 energy customers and partners committed to achieving a 90% carbon-free U.S. electricity system by 2030.  

Creating More Opportunities for Customers to Shop Sustainably    

Sustainable Style Grows with Canadian Expansion and Product Messaging  
We first introduced Sustainable Style in 2019 as a shoppable category for customers to find products that are responsibly manufactured or packaged, are made with sustainably sourced materials or ingredients, or give back. In 2020, we expanded the category to include beauty products. In celebration of Earth Month, we are proud to celebrate Sustainable Style's expansion to Canada. Today on, Canadian customers can browse more than 1,500 products that meet our qualifications.  

Additionally, we're making it even easier for customers to find products that align with their values. Later this month, customers will clearly see if a product meets our Sustainable Style qualifications when searching or browsing for products on with our Sustainable Style product badge.  


DO GOOD DENIM Center Stage 360 
On April 4, we will launch our latest Center Stage 360, DO GOOD DENIM. Nordstrom will showcase a curated group of denim brands who are uniquely contributing to sustainable efforts to Do Good.  

While denim is a wardrobe workhorse, it can be water, dye, and cotton intensive. We created this experience to be transparent and offer customers more options to build a sustainable wardrobe. Brands include AG, Agolde, Citizens of Humanity, Edwin, Etica, Frame, Good American, Levi's, and Lovers + Friends. All these brands have denim products that qualify for Sustainable Style.