Committed to a More Sustainable Future: A Letter From Pete Nordstrom

To Our Customers: 
There's no question COVID-19 has presented our company, country and planet with unprecedented challenges. We've spent the past several months living in a situation that evolves day-to-day and often moment-to-moment. Thanks to collaboration and cooperation, the light at the end of the tunnel is brightening and we need to think about the future together. 
While there are still more unknowns than certainties, it's clear we can expect a new normal. And it's up to us to decide what that will look like. We're each being presented with the unique opportunity to create a future worth envisioning. 
At Nordstrom, we're taking this time to ask ourselves what kind of company we want to be for you, our customers. For nearly 119 years, our focus has been on you and how we deliver the best possible service to meet your expectations. While that commitment isn't changing, we will evolve and reprioritize to be the responsible company you expect us to be. When we think about how we can bring value to you and our employees and shareholders, environmental sustainability needs to be a priority. 
As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, it's fitting to look at the progress we've made. In the past year alone, we've become members of the Fashion Pact which has raised the bar for us as we set our 2025 sustainability goals and have launched a category of thousands of responsible products called Sustainable Style
We're also the first to admit we've got a long way to go. We're pushing ourselves to be a better company and are proud to share our new sustainability goals focused on sustainable materials, recycling and reuse. One of the first steps we're taking this year is to begin phasing out all plastic bags from our more than 245 Nordstrom Rack stores. This will decrease our single use plastic by 50%.  
These goals are an important first step as we work to do our part to tackle some of the immense issues facing our planet today. While these issues may be complex, it's more apparent than ever that meaningful progress simply isn't possible without partnership. We're committed to working with other retailers and brands to foster creative and innovative thinking that will translate into action and bring about the changes we need to address our climate and environmental crisis. 
Our ambition is to leave the world better than we found it. We look forward to sharing the journey with you. 
Pete Nordstrom
President & Chief Brand Officer
Nordstrom, Inc.
Nordstrom 2025 Environmental Sustainability Goals

  • Set a science-based target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 
  • Reduce single-use plastic by 50%
  • Use sustainably sourced raw materials in 50% of Nordstrom Made products made of polyester, cotton and cellulosic fibers
  • Extend the life of 250 tons of clothing
  • Ensure 15% of all product is considered sustainable
  • Donate $1M to support textile recycling innovation

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