Conscious Consumption: Sustainable Shopping Through Clothing Life Extension and BEAUTYCYCLE

Earth Month

Year-round, we evaluate, adopt and champion improvements for more sustainable practices across our business. We're committed to doing our part to combat climate change by reducing our carbon emissions, increasing our use of renewable energy, limiting single use plastics, and more. We understand it's our responsibility to extend the life of the products we sell and ensure productive channels for end-of-life. 

As we celebrate Earth Month, we want to inspire our customers by sharing the ways they can practice conscious consumption this April and year-round with Nordstrom.

  • Love your pieces for longer: Every year, millions of pounds of usable clothing end up in landfills, so we want to do our part to extend the lifecycle of the clothing we sell. Nordstrom employs the largest fleet of professional tailors in North America who can help you with projects ranging from simple repairs to creating a custom fit for a more personalized look. Old items can be made new again with a quick length adjustment, added pockets or even personal flair like a monogram. We also provide leather care repair services and shoeshines in select stores, so your new look can span head to toe. Learn more at our Alterations page.
  • Instead of giving up on gently used items, give back: Nordstrom has partnered with Give Back Box since 2017 to make it easy for customers to donate their gently used clothing, shoes and accessories. Simply save your box from your last Nordstrom purchase, fill the box with your gently used items, and ship it with a pre-paid label. 
  • Move toward a zero-waste beauty routine: Beauty products often come in packaging that's hard to recycle at home – for example, a pump bottle is a mix of metal and plastic and with more than 120 billion units of packaging created every year according to Zero Waste Week, we know it's a problem. That's why we created Nordstrom BEAUTYCYCLE. The concept is simple: any empty beauty product packaging from any store that can't go into your regular curbside bin can be dropped off in the BEAUTYCYCLE bins located in all Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack and Nordstrom Local stores in the contiguous U.S. We aim to take back 100 tons by 2025 and to date have collected more than 25 tons. 

Our Commitments 
In 2020, we set ten environmental sustainability goals to be achieved by 2025. We're well on our way and have met two of our commitments: to contribute $250,000 in corporate grants to help slow and prevent climate change and to help customers extend the life of 250 tons of clothing. Since 2021, Nordstrom has contributed more than $300,000 in corporate grants to the Clean Air Task Force and extended the life of 291 tons of clothing through alterations and clothing donation. 

Later this year, we will establish science-based targets to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions for scope 1 (direct emissions from sources we own or control), scope 2 (indirect emissions from purchased electricity, heat and cooling) and scope 3 (indirect emissions associated with products we sell) and do our part to secure a global temperature change of no more than 1.5 degrees before 2050. 

We Can't Do It Alone 
Driving meaningful impact in sustainability requires partnership, which is why we're proud to continue to partner with several leading environmental organizations and coalitions including G7 Fashion Pact, Fibershed, Clean Air Task Force, Fashion for Good, Fashion Climate Fund, the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Clean Energy Buyers Association and the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, among others. Each of these organizations leads innovation in fashion and retail sustainability. From more sustainable fiber farming to low-carbon transportation technology and understanding textile-to-textile recycling opportunities, these partners help push the industry forward.  

Join us in making more sustainable choices and extending the life of your clothing this Earth Month and beyond. 

Stay tuned throughout the month as we'll spotlight our partners in sustainability, showcase how to make the most of your existing wardrobe with our tailors and more!