Sounds Like Nordstrom

You know how there are some sounds or songs that just make you think about a company, a brand, or an experience? They spark an emotion, a memory and a familiarity that sometimes you can't quite put your finger on. But every time you hear that song, you're transported back to that same feeling.   

Now, Nordstrom has its own song, too.  

We think of our brand in terms of what people see, experience and feel and are excited to have a song that represents who we are. This is another layer we're incorporating into our marketing that we hope will make us memorable and relevant in an experiential and powerful way. In a fraction of a second, customers will be able to recognize and experience Nordstrom through music.   

We've commissioned a signature song that is a remix of the song Never Be Another You originally recorded by Lee Fields and The Expressions in 2016. The cover version features vocals by local Seattle emerging artist Shaina Shepherd. We believe this music conveys the ease and calm of how Nordstrom can make you feel by taking care of you, appreciating you, helping to make you feel good.   

We're excited to share our holiday campaign video featuring the song Never Be Another You. The song is part of our Make Merry holiday campaign and will be released in partnership with Sub Pop records in November.